About Us:

Families of Denison Montessori (FDM) is a 501c3, Non-Profit Organization, which serves as a Parent-Teacher Organization at Denison Montessori, a Denver Public School, in Southwest Denver. The organization is comprised of the grown-ups who belong to our schoolchildren, staff of the school, and community members at-large.

We are committed to working together

to enhance, enrich, and support

the educational and lived experiences

of the entire Denison Montessori community.


Our intention is to foster a deeper connection in the relationship between school and home. 


Our hope is to function as a bridge between the school, home, and active caretaker involvement, as well as provide space for community building.

Our goal is to improve the environment at Denison through volunteer and financial support.

We do literally need you; we need your involvement, ideas, and spirit! 

Please consider many of the ways you can help further our mission, including but not limited to:

-Attend public virtual meetings without commitment - No pressure, leave your camera off and just listen in if you'd like.

-Support Teacher Wish Lists and directly sponsor learning materials chosen by teachers for their classrooms.

-Sign up to support Families of Denison Montessori on www.smile.amazon.com

-Sign up with your King Soopers discount card to benefit Families of Denison Montessori as you shop (no extra cost to you)

-Volunteer your time to a specific committee. Past committees include Fall Festival, Grandparent's Day, providing assistance to Miss Alice with her Cinco de Mayo Fesitval, Denison Achieves, Denison Soiree, Epilepsy Fund Bake Sale, Book Fairs, and more! 

-Like our Facebook page and share resources with the community. www.facebook.com/DenisonMontessoriCommunity

-Give a monetary donation via PayPal (either a single donation,

 or recurring monthly donation directly to Families of Denison Montessori).


-Donations are accepted on www.smile.amazon.com by choosing "Families of Denison Montessori" as the charity you choose to sponsor with your purchase as well.


-While shopping at King Soopers, your family can sponsor FDM as well. Sign up online at www.kingsoopers.com and use code GQ371 as our school code when prompted. 


Fundraisers are critical for Denison Montessori, and FDM is one vehicle for positive change. Families of Denison Montessori has secured funding with your help to purchase Google Chromebooks for students in 2018. Those have become all-too-necessary pieces of technology. Our fundraising efforts have secured thousands of dollars for Denison Montessori. 

As you may know, funding from the school district is increasingly limited, as our school works off of the Denver Public Schools budget. Education funding has been greatly decreased by hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we still have hungry students with eager and willing minds, wanting to learn. Additionally, extra cost is incurred in funding our school as Montessori methods and concepts require specialized tools for works. These costs may greatly vary from the financial needs of a standardized education approach. 

Every little bit helps. Do you have a fundraising idea? We would love to hear it.

Please email your idea with the subject line "FUNDRAISING" to fdmontessori@gmail.com

Adult Involvement & Participation

Positive attention from involved adults is an invaluable asset to every child.

The Montessori method utilizes conceptual learning in the classroom, and that learning also continues in the home. Here are just a few reasons to get involved with Families of Denison Montessori:

5 Reasons to Become Involved with

Families of Denison Montessori, 501c3:

1. Be a role model. Begin to create the change you wish to see in the world. 

2. Get involved. Begin actively being involved and be engaged at the school level.

3. Find community support. Share ideas, concerns and experiences with other caretakers, educators, and staff within the community.

4. Volunteer. Gain valuable life experience, and discover new opportunities to put your skills and hobbies to use for the greater good.

5. Witness improvement. You can be a part of the solution. Families of Denison Montessori is committed to making lasting, intersectional improvements to the educational experience of students at Denison Montessori.